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Bridging the Gap in Healthcare

At Operation Sick Care, we empower veterans to reclaim their health and vitality, helping them live unbroken. We're driven by the urgent need to address the shortcomings of the VA's sick care system, ensuring our heroes receive the personalized, holistic care they deserve. Join us in supporting our veterans' journey to optimal mental and physical fitness.

Meet Our Team Members

Our staff is highly skilled and trained to serve the veteran community and its family members.

Executive Director

Doc Ziggy is a retired SSG who served in the 101st Airborne as a combat medic. Doc is a living example of post traumatic growth. He has made it his mission to help all his brothers and sisters live unbroken.

Director of Operations

G.R. is a certified peer specialist and Doc Ziggy's family caregiver. He is also an operator who can speak geek and C-suite. Music helps him get things done. Check out his current playlist below.

Program Coordinator

Jacob is your favorite walking baseball encyclopedia. If you ever get the chance, challenge his knowledge. At his young age he is a visionary and strategic in everything he does. #futureceo